SilverPark has exported Stumpys to Italy, Poland, France, Germany, to the United Kingdom and most recently to The Netherlands

This is a montage of pictures from happy owners.
All photos are attributed to the new owners.

To Poland we sent SilverPark JamesCook the Wanderer. This handsome fellow has obtained his Polish and International Championships. James is loved and adored by Lidia Pietruszewska and family.


Italy is where SilverParks Platium Nugget resides with Nick Filazzola and his family .
Nugget was joined by SilverParks Marias Redman. 

Germany is the home of SilverParks Orby
with her favorite person Daniela Leopold.

Maryline Dolques of France is the happy owner of SilverParks Bet on Love


SilverParks Bound for Poland joined James in Poland to become the second Stumpy resident.

Polly gave all of us a heart attack when she broke her new collar and was
runninng loose for a week while near Detroit for a plane transfer.
She was found by a nice woman whose own dogs told her there was a
strange dog in the yard.

Italy has a another Stumpy now. Federica Guadino now has SliverParks Misty Midnight Madness.

          And then there is JJ......SilverParks Jumpin an Jigglin.
          JJ lives in England with Marg Coles and her husband Ian.

 Play in the water, roll in the sand... repeat ,
play, roll, repeat....




JJ Loves the water, like most Stumpys                         

Another Stumpy goes to France. SilverParks My Wish Became Real.


    May of 2016 sees  SilverParks TooTuff For Kunama
going to The Netherlands


She is accompanied by IABCA-UKC-ICE Champion SilverParks Yule Be A Blu-Ray