The Stumpy comes in FIVE colors.

But only two are acceptable to show. That being Red and Blue.
Pups are born white and begin to color-up at about 2 to 3 weeks of age.

1 week old            
                  3 weeks      



Dark blue               Light blue

The color blue is actually a combination of black hair and white hair creating a blue-ish effect that
is probably better explained as 'roan'.
Blue can be very dark or very light depending on the amount of white to black ratio.

The color red is visually more like orange than it is red or brown. Again, it is the amount of
the white mixture that makes the color dark red or light red.
In the red or the blue Stumpy, the nose color should always be BLACK.

  Light red               darker red  
UN-acceptable colors

While the breed standard  that was in use back in the 1970s allowed for Blue and tan, it was removed from the standard in the '80's because it was thought that the tan presence was indicative of ACD influence.
Even today we occaisionally see a blue puppy  born that exhibits tan markings on the legs and face.
This will immediately deligate this pup as a non breeding animal.

A red dog that carries a dilution factor will sometimes produce a very light colored pup. This dilute red is referred to as an Apricot.
The dog displayed here is an Apricot Mottle

Blue dogs  that carries a dilution factor will sometimes produce a chocolate or liver pup.
While the chocolate is very striking is still incorrect.
And last of the oddball colors is the chocolate and tan combination.
The dilute colors have liver or chocolate colored noses.
Often with age the nose will turn nearly black.

People sometimes tell me they want a blue MERLE. Merle is a color NOT found in the Stumpy or the ACD.

Examples of blue merle

These are examples of red merle.