???? Should I own a STUMPY ????

The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is truly unique, but they are not the dog for everyone.
Before you decide to take on a Stumpy ask yourself these four questions.........

Do I have the time to daily train, exercise, and play with my dog?

  Do I understand that this dog needs mental stimulation such as
obedience training, and am I prepared to undertake this training with my dog....in ANY kind of weather?

Do I have the room and facilities to make sure this dog is comfortable?

Am I prepared to love and be responsible for the same dog for its entire lifetime?

          If you answered yes to these questions......then you might be ready for a Stumpy.

A baby puppy or an older puppy ??

Often times a breeder has an "older" puppy, between the ages of 4-12 months available to pet homes. While a lot of people may think there is something wrong with the puppies, I would like to take the opportunity to explain why they might be available. Our breed standard is pretty strict regarding height, color and the tail (or rather the lack of a tail). A puppy that is perfect in every way may have a minor fault that prevents it from being eligible for the show ring. Often those faults do not materialize until the ages of 5-7 months.

Additionally sometimes the most "perfect" puppy, one without a cosmetic fault, simply does not desire to be a star and s/he may not particularly like the show ring and all the stress that goes with it. Unfortunately those personality traits are often unevident until later in the puppy's first year. Some breeders hold out hope that the puppy may adapt and after attending several dog shows with that pup, they give up.
Then we go looking for the perfect pet home for our lovely puppy. These minor "faults" may be simply a matter of being 1/2 inch over or under the minimum or maximum height requirements, incorrect color or teeth that don't align "perfectly". These faults while significant in the show ring, will impact the puppy's future as a show dog...but will not affect the puppy's future as a stock dog, an obedience or agility prospect or as a loving pet in your home!


Grandson Jacob and 4month old Conner.
The advantages of an older puppy are...


*The most expensive time of Puppyhood has been already completed. Usually all vaccines have been given.
* The "chewing" stage is over!
* You will still enjoy a playful puppy, but one that is past infancy stage.
* Additionally they have control over their bladder and potty training is near completion
* Another bonus...they sleep through the night. (usually!)
* And most always are crate trained.
* While you may pine for the "baby" puppy, older puppies are far easier in adaptation to your home and schedule and you will find that you did not miss out on very much at all!

All pups will have recieved age appropriate vaccinations before leaving here. They get 3 sets of vaccinations at age 6, 9, and 12 weeks for DHLP/Pv and they will have been de-wormed approx every 2 to 3 weeks since they were 12 days old.




If you are interested in one of these pups, a deposit will hold one for you. Deposits are made through Pay pal  .  A deposit  of $150.  "holds" you a puppy.

If you arent familiar with paypal, go to paypal . com  and it will tell you how to send money to "Friends and Family". PayPal is a US company and i have used it for MANY years with no problems. I dont see your banking info and you dont see mine.   In the "notes or instruction" section, please be sure to indicate specifics, ie: male/female, color.. pet/companion .  A pet/companion is not a show or a breeding prospect and is not registered.


AS OF  April 23  2019     These are the available dogs/pups

Lori Graham at Lgraham1145@yahoo.com