All in all we felt like we would need new blood to add to the lines we currently had.
Annette Johns of Studholme Kennels sent us two young bitches.
The red bitch was Studholme Desert Sunrise, a very mild mannered happy, happy go lucky girl who just loved every body.


The blue bitch was Studholme the Heiress (Nessa)

Studholme Desert Sunrise

Studholme Tell No Tayles

Ch Targetarl Stumpy Bloo Bob

Ch Apamura Potakuri - Red speckle

Ch Bluetail Ima Missie Too - Silver Blue

Ch Studholme Mallee Rose

Ringer - Blue

Magic - Blue

Studholme the Ghin - Blue

Studholme Kay Cee

Cattle Master Bob - Blue

Cowra Patches - Blue

Studholme Blue Orchid

Cattle Master Bob - Blue

Cowra Patches - Blue

Studholme the Heiress

Ch Studholme Western Hero

Ch Studholme Blue Trumby

Cattle Master Bob - Blue

Magic - Blue

Alkina Bellaminnie


Ch Pureoz Min Min

Karic Karisma

Studholme Steele

Daisell Emperess - Blue

Warlarah Houdini

Ch Daisell Amber